Sihanoukville things to do

 Sihanoukville is the one of Cambodia seasides and it's located on the southwest Cambodia and it's the site where worldwide of Cambodia and oversea tourists woild like to go there for just realxable along the seaside by sitting or laying on clear beaches 

Please be noted, The shoooting location is in Phnom Penh city then you need to travel on bus or flight, by bus would be taken 5 hours, private car is approximately 4-5 hours and by plane is 45 minutes. please book the event ahead then we are able to arrange the picking up service from the starting till the your whole trip is completely finished. the picking up service is included with your shooting busgeds. One thing you can have the shooting activities before heading to Phnom Penh at the same day "if only you are traveling by land from Phnom Penh <-> Sihanoukville" because the shooting phnom Penh is on the same road from Sihanoukville to and back from Phnom Penh.