Cambodian English Translator Interpreter

Cambodian English Translator Interpreter is the work to go around Cambodia and it does not about day and night if the works required then i'm moving for it, immediately. So if you are looking for oral or face to face interpretation/translation then please pick me up, I am suitabe and very experience in the job for at all levels in Cambodian society. Cambodian English Translator Interpreter

Hi, my name is Pho its for short calling, 
easy to remmber and my full name is Hout Sy Pho. i'm living in Phnom Penh for one than a decade, so far. the occupation as a freelancer Cambodian English Translator Interpreter had offiacially started since i completed my English Translator-Interpreter bachelor degree at Noton School of Cambodia, in 2014 June.

* Experience in the job as a private and freelancer English Speaking Tour Guide and English Translation-Interpretation