Kampot Kep Shooting Range

If you are seeking a shooting range club in Kampot or Kep then you need to spend for at least a day long for traveling to up and down the Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor Phnom Penh well known as the Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh.

Certainlly, we are able to offer a luxury car to go and back from your hotel where you are at Kampot or Kep. One more thing if you are on the way from Kampot or Kep to Phnom Penh capital then it's more convenience for your whole day long, its meant that we are leaving from your Kampot or Kep hotel to Phnom Penh we are able to stop at to the Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor Phnom Penh. Or if you are on the way from Phnom Penh to Kompot or Kep we can also do the plans as written above 

In order to make the shooting reservation goes smooth then you need to tell us for at least 2 days ahead the shooting coming day its more easy for us to prepare some space for your day. By using Cambodia Fire Range's drivers will save lot of time, just driving straight to the Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor and its not need to make calls "for asking location and how to get in the range"; Moreover, Our gun shooting outdoor is located 10 km away from the main road and its a jungle shooting club its a hard to reach area if anyone does not know the location, it has no on google map