RPG Bazookas and B40 Rocket Launcher shooting into loaded house petrol barrels Phnom Penh Cambodia

  Want to try blow some shit out with your RPG or well known as Rocket launcher or bazooka into a hut built that it's loaded with fueled barrels and big gas tanks ? If your answer is yes then please come with us to shoot shit up with multiple weapons at the Cambodia Shooting range outdoor phnom penh
The Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor Phnom Penh is the only one outdoor shooting range club that you can fire somethings up wiht your big RPG or well known as Rocket launcher or bazooka

This video bellow was filmed by the team of Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor Phnom Penh that's describing a guy is shooting RPG (Rocket launcher or bazooka) on target which targets are arranged by the Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor Phnom Penh and the targets are one house built, a gas tanks and petrol barrels are stored inside of the house
The guy who is firing the RPG has nice shot and also his hands are very strong to balance the RPG's kickback, in order to shoot rocket launcher on targets it needs to aim straight on target and your lung or breath and your both hands are required to concentrate on targets and breath has to keep in and out for 5 seconds then click the trigger of the bazooka is gentlely (not force or strong pushing or use strong power of your energies)

If youn would like to have the RPG pls come with us by make a booking a head before coming to the Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor Phnom Penh