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Price List indoor phnom penh shooting range

 The Phnom Penh indoor/Inside shooting range of Cambodia is located at Phnom Penh city it approximately take 45 minutes from Phnom Penh city center nd the Indoor/inside Cambodia shooting range phnom penh allows everyone enjoy full riffles or ashole riffle. The most popular riffle are AK47, M16, PKM machine guns, RPD and pistols
Now please!!! Directly Call or Email us yourself for free transportation up to Cambodia Shooting Range Indoor Phnom Penh and back down to town, extremely English Speaking Tour Guide and also personal driver. 
To obtain the services that we declaired above you have to book in advance with us only, Please.  And then we provide a free transportation to your door and dropped at your dirsirable in Phnom Penh. Thanks!
When the agreements are done, we will directly go to greet you at your stay. And if a group is more than 5 peoples, you should go to the Outdoor Range. It's better and more fun.

transportation to up and down the hotels in Phnom Penh is 20usd.

Number #1 Phnom Penh Indoor Firing Range In Cambodia, 

For the picked up and dropped, we can greet you at the bus/boat stops, airports afterward drive straight to the indoor Firing Phnom penh indoor and then back to your hotel in town. For more details please contact us: WhatsApp and Call: +85589797079, email: