Cambodia Shooting Range Phnom Penh

Ever wanted to be The Terminator or Rambo in real life? Here’s your chance!
Cambodia Shooting Range is an INDOOR/outdoor range in Phnom Penh, promising the best action for all your needs, while 100 per cent is one of the unique things to do and unforgettable experience and the only one outdoor shooting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.. please contact directly for super complimentary!! 
The indoor Cambodia Shooting Club is located around Phnom Penh city, its about 45minutes by tuk tuk or cars and the Outdoor is located at outside of the city which about 90-120 minutes by cars, one way
We have AK47, M16, K57, PKM Machine Guns, RPD, M79, Hand Grenades, 50 Caliber well known as Dooshka, RPG II and RPG 7 (Bazookas and B40 Rocket Launcher). You can play all day or for half a day, whatever suits your needs. 
We have tailor made packages for groups, including bachelor parties, which includes refreshments (yes, beer) and free transportation to and from your hotel. 
Shoot an RPG (Bazooka or Rocket Launcher) into a house loaded with barrels of fuel, or blow up three traditional houses, or a car full of petrol barrels. 
If you really want to make it a special occasion, we can video the whole thing using our state-of-the art drone, which we edit and send back to your hotel before the end of the day. We use five cameras to catch your shooting range activities including a Canon Digital EOS and Phantom Go 4 drone.
We have over twenty years in the shooting range industry. More details please feel free check us out on our TripAdvisor reviews where we’ve got five stars out of five. 
Take a look at our quality videos and reviews.
For further inquaries that related to shooting range activities, please go through to us via the contacts bellow
Contact Pho onP/H (English)+85589797079 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) International Calling @ +85578777908 (wechart ID pho078777908) +85569797079(and iMessage and FaceTime)

The great explosions is shot RPGs (bazookas, rocket launchers) into a house loaded with fueled barrels and big gas tanks

RPG and loaded housegas cylinder fueled barrels 
Hope to hear from you soon! 
Feb 28 2018 Andy Taiwan the power of one shot of Rocket launcher 
16/02/2018 one hand shooting AK47, one shot of tico hut loaded with fueled barrels 
The hut and the RPG2 who is gone, look the video of 4 cameras, drone, conon, Gopro, sony and Smart Phones 
Daniel 07/01/2018
Peter W 05/01/2018

Grand targets and extremely great explosions 3.12.2017




Thanks you for the sugsstions of course, Cambodia Firing Range Phnom Penh will try to do the best for you