Cambodia Shooting Range Phnom Penh

Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh is the place where everone can blow any types of weapons up likes, AK47, M16, K57, PKM/M60, RPD, M79, Hand Grenades, RPG 7 Bazooka and RPG B40 Bazooka for a whole day shooting you can enjoy your self firng range.

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We provide you a full free of charge of transport for going up and down, cold beers, Video Drone service and Video Edited/Photos

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Please! Directly, contact us @ +85578777908 and whatsapp +85589797079 . For Complimentary services please do it yourself! "a full free of charge of transport for going up and down, cold beers, Video Drone service and Video Edited/Photos"


October, 03, 2017 Perfect Australian rpg ak 47 shooter in Cambodia, the double explosions of rpg II hit at a perfect target of a big tank and 4 standing barrels, the big gas cylinder is flying away from it's possition.

Sep/24/2017 Shooting Range in Cambodia

Sep, 06,2017 Best shooting range Cambodia Shoot very single petrol barrel til four standing barrels


RPG (bazooka rocket launcher) vs 4 barrels with petrols

the 4 barrels with fuel is more easy to aim and easy to hit than others

Holy Fuck! the RPG 7 Bazooka and RPG B40 Bazooka

Shooting Ak 47 and M 16 at watermelons, Cambodia shooting range outdoor Phnom Penh is the where you can fire full auto/single of PKM, K-57 ak 47 or m 16 at targets. And plus free edited video and photo services.   

Cambodia Shooting Range RPGs (bazookas), common and heavy machine guns, full fun with your day at the Phnom Penh shooting range outdoor, the place where you can sip beers and then fire any rifles you would to blow up. Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh Shooting Range in Cambodia is the place where everyone can practice authentic gun ranges at the Cambodia Firing Range outdoor Phnom Penh.

Shooting Range Bazookas RPG B-40 at outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia is one the most extremely pleasurable holiday thing to do in Phnom Penh of Cambodia and; moreiver, there is only Cambodia Shooting Range RPG Bazooka Rocket Launcher Outdoor Range in Phnom Penh! 

The power of hand grenade after being thrown into a pond with fulled water and everyone are laughing when they are seeing height of water, more details please see the video. Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh

Cambodia Shooting Range muontainsde Caliber, after insructions by our professional teams and then it's your turn to enjoy your self firing 50 caliber known as the BEAST Cambodia Shooting Range muontainside. 


Enjoy your self-firing range within natural elegant countryside and after shooting those ammo, taking a break to sip cold beers. The services can be provided to everyone. Please come to visit us at our wrok-place, located at Cambodia countryside or outside of Phnom Penh of Cambodia 

Shooting RPG Ak-47 machine gun at Phnom Penh outdoor 08/11/2015



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